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We Are Team Klint

Over 30 years ago we had a vision to stand out in the printing and advertising sector as someone who could be trusted to get the job done for a fair price, we say "people ahead of profit" and have over 30 years of track record to prove we mean it!

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After 30 years we truly believe if you are going to put your name or brand on it, we are the best first call. We either do what you need or know the best person that does and can guide you.


People ahead of profits are what has built this company and we will never change that.  We are a Team Klint and we take pride in doing what we say, when we say, with excellence.  

We have always been grateful for any order and are now positioned to complete any size task to help you complete your goals.

What We Are About

Have Fun

Life is too short to not enjoy what we do, we enjoy working and doing a great job, and we have fun along the way.

Make Money

We are in business for a reason, to help you be profitable and also to be profitable.  Nothing else to say here :)

Make A Difference

People ahead of profit is easy to say but it is a truth we live by here, at the end of the day we feel like everyone we come in contact with throughout the day is super special and we hope that we can make your world a better place in dealing with our team.

Meet the Founders

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